Megasena Lottery Tickets



Next Draw:
Tuesday 5th March

Mega Sena tickets give players a chance of winning Brazil’s biggest and most popular lottery game, and if you obtain Mega Sena lottery tickets online you won’t need to be anywhere near Brazil to play. Mega Sena draws are held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and the odds of any Mega Sena ticket winning the jackpot outright are 1 in 50,063,860. As well as the regular prizes (which are as substantial as you would expect) Mega Sena offers enhanced prizes on a regular basis and an even bigger prize fund in a special draw held annually. All of this gives Mega Sena players plenty of big-money action to enjoy all year round.

Winning a Mega Sena lottery jackpot requires the player to select 6 numbers from the range 01 to 60 and to match all of them with the 6 numbers that are drawn in the game itself.

As in most lottery games, Mega Sena tickets have a serious role as well as providing players with entertainment and a chance to win big money. A substantial proportion of the money raised from Mega Sena lottery ticket sales is used to support educational and other programs that benefit Brazilian society, so players can feel as good about helping such good causes as they feel excited about the prospect of winning a cash prize for themselves.

Players who want to increase their chances of winning a Mega Sena lottery prize can of course buy more Mega Sena tickets. Like the SuperEnalotto game in Italy, Mega Sena gives players the option of selecting more numbers and having entries generated automatically to cover those numbers in a systematic way. For example, instead of picking 6 numbers from 01 to 60 they could pick 8 numbers and have all combinations of those numbers covered in 28 entries. The maximum quantity of numbers that can be selected using this feature is 15, which would cost 5,005 entries.

There are three Mega Sena prize tiers in all, and the numbers required to win in each is displayed in the table below. Also shown are the odds of winning at each level assuming that a single entry of 6 numbers is purchased:

Numbers Required

Odds of Success

Match 6 numbers

1 in 50,063,860

Match 5 numbers

1 in 154,518

Match 4 numbers

1 in 2,332

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