Lottery Ticket Syndicates

With all this potential to buy lottery tickets around the world, surely the next sensible step is to set up a lottery ticket syndicate to increase your chances at winning some of the biggest lottery jackpots in the world. It's so easy to set up a lottery syndicate with your friends, family or workmates. Just set up a lottery syndicate agreement (available online), choose how many lottery tickets you are going to buy each week and pick which lottery draws you are going to buy lottery tickets for.

With lottery jackpots around the world getting bigger all the time, setting up a lottery ticket syndicate for a lottery overseas has never seemed a more appealing prospect. Thanks to our lottery concierge service it's never been easier to buy lottery tickets as a single player or as a lottery syndicate so you could be in line for some of the world's biggest lottery jackpots.

If you want to know which lottery draws are most worth putting a lottery syndicate together for, then take a look at our lottery rollovers page. This page will allow you to take a look at which of the lottery draws get the biggest jackpots and help you decide which lottery draw to put your syndicate cash into. Take for example the SuperEnalotto Italy, one of the hardest lottery draws in the world to win, but with the record jackpot at €177 million, even a 100-strong syndicate would have received a life-changing amount buying lottery tickets as part of a lottery syndicate.

You don't even need to restrict yourself to one lottery draw if you're playing as a lottery syndicate, chase the biggest lottery jackpots of the week, ensuring your lottery ticket syndicate always stands a chance at a big lottery win.

Big Lottery jackpots are also ideal for playing systems on, such as lottery wheels and other lottery winning systems and being part of a lottery ticket syndicate allows you to buy enough lottery tickets to make a syndicate work.

The main advantage of being a lottery ticket syndicate of course is being able to share your good fortune with all your favourite people, while increasing your chances of a big lottery win!