Buying Lottery tickets online

The Internet has to be one of the greatest innovations of our time, it makes things so much easier like shopping, paying bills and of course buying lottery tickets for your slither of hope of that big lottery jackpot every week. However, for those of us still new to the wiles of the Internet, doing things like buying lottery tickets online can be a daunting experience for many and that's why we're trying to make it a whole lot easier.

Why buy lottery tickets online?

You may ask, with so many other ways to buy lottery tickets, why buy them online? Well, take a look in the lottery news at some of the unclaimed lottery prizes that are lost every year and that should answer your question. By buying lottery tickets online, you instantly take away any chance of losing them. When you buy lottery tickets online, the ticket is 'virtual', rather than a real piece of paper and so you cannot lose it.

Of course there's also the convenience of being able to buy lottery tickets, for any lottery around the world in just a couple of clicks!

Are other lottery draws in the world the same as in my own country?

Every lottery from around the world comes with different rules, different balls and of course different lottery odds. Before playing any lottery draw, make sure you check our how to play pages.

Is it legal to buy lottery tickets for draws in other countries?

Yes, thanks to the Internet it's now possible to play virtually any lottery draw from around the world online, as easily as you would play your own local lottery draw. It's just buying lottery tickets online, is actually easier than going to the shop and buying for your own local lottery.

So how do I buy lottery tickets?

This bit is easy; just select the lottery draw you'd like to buy lottery tickets from, click the link and you'll be taken to our lottery concierge service where you can buy lottery tickets for any lottery from around the world in a few clicks of the mouse.

So now you know how to buy lottery tickets online, all you now have to do is choose the correct winning numbers to become the next big lottery winner!